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Official Covid-19 test result management platform for travelers from Republic Of Guinea.
Together let's curb the spread of coronavirus

Secure Certificate

No more difficulties at the airports, with the ultra-secure document produced by Passport Covid.
Together let's curb the spread of coronavirus

Appointment scheduling

Make your Covid19 PCR Test in the best conditions and delay by making an appointment online.
Together let's curb the spread of coronavirus

See the result through the passport number or the lab code.
For assistance, please join these numbers 627409696 - 664333601 - 620142981 - 624212842 - 625255369 - 628668597 - 629038781 - 621684512 - 622165709 - 627906178 - 624349304 - 664962446 - 622375236.

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Apart from the payment of 650,000 GNF for the Covid-19 test, no other services (sampling or rendering of results) are paid for. If you are a victim call 115.

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Certificats sécurisés générés

Official portal

For all your travel by air, l’National Institute of Public Health of Guinea (NIPH) you with the Passport Covid electronic portal to facilitate:
- Obtaining the secure electronic negativity certificate
- Registration of travelers' health records
- Consulting your result after covid19 test
- Making an appointment for the covid19 test
The Passport Covid solution produced by Banki Technology also has a mobile application for checking the authenticity of the traveller's certificate of negativity via the QRCODE at airports.

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